Don & Brenda Bahr

Brenda and I want to extend to you our personal invitation to come and be with us. We feel very blessed with the growth that we have received from God and we would love for you to experience the same. The scriptures make it very clear that if we will plant and water the Lord will bring forth the increase and this can also be true in your life. God longs for all of us to be recipients of His favor. To prove this He sent Jesus to be our Savior. Have you accepted His grace and received the remissions of  sins? The Bible teaches we can. Have you discovered God’s plan of salvation? We would love to share it with you. God wants to bless you, but He clearly states that His blessings are found only in Jesus not outside. Are you in Christ? You can be and we would enjoy sharing God’s truth with you. Our overall goal can be summed up in, “EN-THEOS” and it means, “IN GOD.”

Are you, “IN GOD?” If you would like to know for certain we would consider it an honor to share with you God’s truth. Why not come and visit with us? You will receive encouragement and instructions regarding God’s will for your life which will bless you.