God Chose A Nation

Don’s Delivery: GOD CHOSE A NATION.

The Bible stresses the reality of God from its very beginning. God
created everything and man is His supreme reason for doing so. God
made mankind to have a relationship with Him. When we understand our
“WHOLE” make up we will understand this. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

The “BODY” is obvious. The “SOUL” from the Hebrews language is
equivalent to our English word personality. The “Spirit” reflects on
the “Image/Likeness” and that points to our being capable of having a
relationship with God who is “Spirit.” John 4:24

God made us so we could live eternally. This is made clear when we see
that the “Tree of Life” was present in Eden. Genesis 2:8-9

Sadly our representative at the beginning, in this wonderful paradise
violate God’s will. Unfortunately we would have done the same if it
had been us. God knew this and He planned for it by devising His plan
of salvation “Before the foundation of the world.” 1 Peter 1:18-21

Even though man was expelled from this earthly paradise. God’s love
and mercy continued to show His perpetual desire for us to dwell with
Him through the promise of the “Seed of woman.” Genesis 3:14-15

One might think that mankind would learn from his mistakes but
unfortunately they did not. Instead of drawing closer to God they
became increasingly vile and wicked. Again, God demonstrates that He
was not surprised and He brought the great deluge, that He had
prepared for the cleansing of the earth. Genesis 1:6-8; 2 Peter 3:1-7

“Eight persons, were brought safely through water.” 1 Peter 3:20 With
these eight souls God would repopulate the earth. Soon desert wanders
became trips, Trips became villages, and Villages became Nations. God
chose one to bring His “Seed” promise to fruition. God called Abraham
and gave him a blessing which continued to Isaac and Jacob. In time he
became known as Israel. Through his sons God established His nation.

A wandering tribe became the nation of God. Their culture and religion
stand as evidence of God’s plan. Moses, their great leader was
commissioned by God to write the Pentateuch and within it we learn how
God was orchestrating the chorus of events to bring the Savior of the
world so our relationship with Him could be restored. John 1:17

Why So Many Cannot Discover God


An old story is told of a soap manufacture in a small town who was an
unbeliever and how he constantly chastised the believers in his town.
One day while he and the local minister were on the sidewalk having a
conversation about his criticisms a boy came running up to them and he
was filthy. As they spoke the preacher pointed to the child and said,
“Look at this dirty lad! This is certainly evidence that your soap is
not as beneficial as you claim.” Quickly the unbelieving soap
manufacture responded, “The problem does not lie with my soap but the
lack of its use.” The evangelist politely replied, “Yes, and so it is
with God and His wonderful word of truth. The problem with the world
is that people do not accept God and follow His divine will.”

Why do presumptuous individuals dispute God and make claims against
His word? Think of the theories that they offer. “Big Bang!”
“Evolution!” “Natural Selection!” “Spontaneous Generation!” A lot of
fancy words that advocate that everything came into existence by
accident and chance. We would have more luck throwing a deck of cards
into the air and having all the clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades
fall in perfect order. It doesn’t make any rational sense why anyone
would accept, much less believe the fairy tales told about the
suspicions offered that something happened, “Once Upon A Time, perhaps
billions of years ago.” Isaac Asimov ask, “Why would anyone fall for
the concept that under a deadly sun, in an ammoniated ocean topped by
poisonous atmosphere, in the midst of a soup of organic molecules, a
nucleic acid molecule came accidently into being that could somehow
bring about the existence of another like itself.”

Sir John Eccles, Nobel laureate in neurophysiology estimated the odds
against the right combination of circumstances occurring to evolve
intelligent life on earth would be some 400,000 trillion to one. It
requires more faith to believe in this chance happening than for one
to believe in God.

Back to our original query. WHY SO MANY CANNOT DISCOVER GOD. The
apostle Paul gives us the answer and it is a very sad reality.
“By their unrighteousness (They) suppress the truth.”
Romans 1:18-23

Water World

Don’s Delivery: WATER WORLD

Welcome to WATER WORLD. No, this article is not about Kevin Costner’s
movie WATER WORLD. This article is about the third planet from the
sun. We know it as Earth and even though we often think about the dirt
and soil, the majority of the earth is made up of WATER.

In all actuality there is about eighteen times more WATER than the
others. That is a fact that we should all thank God for because we
need WATER. Our bodies need it in a lot of ways. Our lives require it.
It is the source that makes our dwelling place, planet earth
inhabitable. Simply put we could not survive without it nor could any
other living thing. Our planet is not some slag-heap in space like a
lot of the other planets. Earth is a beautiful green environment that
offers us a lot of incredible beauty.

WATER should not be taken for granted. WATER is a very remarkable
substance. It is one of the heaviest liquids that we have, but when
frozen it becomes lighter. That is a very vital truth that helps
sustain life. Just think about the outcome if it got heavier when
frozen. The build up would be detrimental. If this was the case the
earth would become a huge ball of ice. If this occurred the
temperature would drop well below freezing. If this happened there
would be no protective covering for the plants and vegetation. If
things were not designed by God the way they are nothing would exist.
Genesis 1:1

WATER, good old H2O is just another example of the amazing creation
that God created for us. He made WATER from two invisible gasses:
hydrogen and oxygen and in all actuality it shouldn’t be a liquid at
all, it should be a gas, but temperature effects it. One researcher
stated: “The fact that WATER exists as a liquid at all, at ordinary
temperatures, is something to make one stop and think.”

WATER helps keep us and all living things alive while we live here on
planet earth because God made it so. But the time will come when WATER
will no longer exist. This will occur when the “New heaven and earth”
appear. Check it out in Revelation 21:1


Ants, Bees, Wasps, and other insects take care of their housing needs
by building well ventilated, weatherproof, well designed and practical
housing quarters.

Beavers are amazing engineers. They construct bridges, canals, dams,
roadways, and tunnels which last for years without the use of cement,
precision instruments, and tools.

Ducks and geese along with other birds wing their way back and forth
to various localities after flying hundreds, even thousands of miles.

Moths find their mates when separated by miles. In one experiment
scientist in Chicago placed a female moth in a room and the male moth
that was her mate flew for miles through the cities polluted air and
found her in a few hours. He overcame the conditions and distance, And
when he found her he beat upon the window pane with his wings.

Salomon have been tagged and released into the Columbia river and
after spending hours in the Pacific ocean they return to the spot of
their departure.

Spiders make a silken rope, creating the materials in their own
chemical laboratory. The rope is very fine yet strong enough to catch
enemy and food and transport the spiders themselves all about.

Squid have jet propulsion! They swim by pumping water through a tube
along their thin, streamlined body which enables them to reach high
speeds and they do so while going backwards. When they get going fast
enough they can set their fins at an angle and take off into the air.
They have been seen flying many yards into the air after take off.

Swallows can fly thousands of miles without a chart, compass or radio
and land at the place they left months ago.

Don’t take these details and others for granted. Some may say, “Don’t
sweat the small stuff.” But within these and other details we discover
the finite and precise handy work of our creator.

The world, that we are blessed to be apart of and enjoy did not occur
by accident or chance, but by design and order.

“The devil in the details” may trouble some, but not those of us who
believe and trust God’s word. Genesis 1:1-30; Hebrews 11:1-3


Some would have us believe that a “Big Bang” occurred and that’s how
everything got started. Others advocate that it was “Crystals” that
got everything going. There are even those who believe that it all
began from “Nothing!”

Wow! For me it is foolish and unimaginable to even think that way.

Something is here! So what was the “First Cause?” To say it was an
explosion only adds up to another explosion. To believe it was
“Crystals” is to have a wild imagination. And, the idea that it all
began from “Nothing” is ludicrous!

Something exists and for that to happen there had to be a “First
Cause.” To believe in the “Big Bang” theory is to accept that
everything came out of chaos. To advocate that everything began from
“Crystals” is to accept a conclusion that everything is mere matter.
And, to follow the idea that all things came from “Nothing” is
absolutely preposterous.

Who would believe that a car, house, watch or anything else just falls
out of the sky. Anyone who would theorize this way would be proven
wrong because things just don’t come into being by that way.

The scriptures teach, “Every house is built by someone, but the
builder of All things is God.” Hebrews 3:4

That is fact, that is logical, and that makes sense!

“The Beginning” did not occur by accident but by design. Just consider
the order of everything. It didn’t just happen. That is so illogical
it is nonsense. Things just don’t happen. They just don’t pop into
existence. It takes a skilled craftsman to bring complex things into
existence and that skilled craftsman is God.

“In The Beginning, God Created The Heavens And The Earth.” Genesis 1:1
Divine and intelligent life made everything “In The Beginning.”

How do I know this is true? I consider the evidence. I examine all the
order and logically conclude that there must have been a superior
force that made everything possible and that force is God.

God was the creator at the beginning. It wasn’t “The Big Bang” or
“Crystals” or “Nothing” or any other ridiculous idea of man. It was

Know Your Bible

It’s not the worlds’ best selling book by accident.

Just think about the overwhelming harmony of the Bible writers. Some 40 writers over a period of 1,500 years wrote the 66 books and there is a unity that does not waver. That alone is a huge contributing factor to the Bible’s uniqueness. It’s hard enough to get a husband and wife who live together to agree on everything and yet these
writers, most never knowing one another because of distance and time wrote with a common thread that is matched by no other source.

No other ancient writing can compare with the Bible. Its accuracy and reliability are beyond remarkable, they are divine. The multitudes of attempts to discredit the Bible and cry foul have all been proven

The argument over the oral message passed down from one writer to another has been buried with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the incredible number of papyrus, parchments, and manuscripts that have been unearthed.

The events, names, and places recorded have been verified time and time again. No sooner does a skeptic sound out and they are silenced with stacks of evidence supporting the Holy Scriptures.

The Bible is 99.5 percent pure. This means that the translations from the original languages into other known languages have had little or no variances from the original truth. Scholars have been very careful to handle the Word of God accurately. Yes, Virginia, You can believe
that the Bible is the authentic Word of God.

What about its teachings? Consider the “Golden Rule” learned from the lesson on “The Good Samaritan.” This is one lesson that many have desired to emulate. The founder of J.C. Pennies and how he got his
start in his sales career by working in “The Golden Rule” store out west and how he included this motto in his Pennies franchises is a classic reminder of the power that the Bible has on influencing

What about the countless lives that the Bible has helped? You name it and the number of sinners who have be converted into saints is outstanding.

Know your Bible and let its living power amaze and benefit your life.

Songs On Our Heavenly Home

“With the ransomed around God’s throne, We’ll praise our Redeemer and
King!…Thru countless ages this song we’ll sing…”

“With joy we shall enter the city, up there, Of wonderful beauty
And mansions fair…”

“Sing to me of heaven, sing that song of peace…Let me fondly dream
Of its golden glory, Of its pearly gleam…”

“Standing before Him at last, Trial and trouble all past,
Crowns at His feet we will cast…”

“There be no disappointments and nobody shall die, In that land,
On the streets of that city of gold;
Where we all can be together and be happy for aye…”

“I’ll fly away; To a home on God’s celestial shore…”
“The trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more…”
“When we all get to heaven, What a day of rejoicing that will be!”
“When we all see Jesus, We’ll sing and shout the victory.”
“Oh, how sweet ‘twill be to meet the Lord…”
“Heaven’s really gonna shine. It’s gonna shine, heaven’s gonna shine.”
“The ransomed will raise happy songs in His praise,
When all of God’s singers get home.”
“No night is there, No sorrow, No death, and No decay; No yesterday,
No morrow but one eternal day.”
“The Father’s house, the mansions fair, My home shall for ever be…”
“I am safe on that beautiful shore…To look on His face
Joy like a river around me will flow.”
“I’ll exchange my cross for a starry crown,
Where the gates swing outward never…”
“There’ll be no tears, No tears up there. No more tears in that bright
city, No more tears in heaven.”
“Where all is love, And the soul never dies.”