Consider some simple questions regarding your salvation. How do you know you are saved? What were you saved from? When were you saved?Where were you saved? Who told you, you were saved? Why were you saved?

Do you know that people answer these questions a lot of ways? Some people answer the first question by the way they feel, but whathappens when you feel bad or sad?  Some people do not know what they were saved from, but If this is a persons understanding or lack of it why be saved it the first place?  Some people may not know when they were saved, But if this is the
situation, how much does salvation really mean?
Some people may answer the next question about where they were saved in the same manner, But again, if this is the circumstance, wouldn’t it cause a person to wonder if you really understand salvation?
Some people may answer our next question, “Who told you, you were saved” by referring to a religious leader, person of faith, family member or friend, But what if the person who told you were saved was
Now we come to the question that really matters the most, “Why were
you saved?” If we fail to answer this question with a clear and constructive understanding how meaningful is our salvation?


Many will answer, “SIN.” This excludes children from infancy through
their developmental age when they are children and adults who remain
in a child-like state. “For to such belong the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14
So, “Who should be saved?” Everyone who has practiced, “Lawlessness.”
1 John 3:4
Those who have done this will receive the wages of, “SIN” and that is
“DEATH.” Romans 6:23 (Eternal Separation From God.)
But, Wait! We can escape. We can be redeemed. We can be saved by the
“GRACE, LOVE, AND MERCY” OF GOD. This is “SALVATION.” Everyone can be saved by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, who gave His obedient life to save us from sin and balance the scale of justice. THIS IS SALVATION AND IT IS SOMETHING TO REJOICE ABOUT!
John 1:29, 3:16, 5:24; Romans 5:8, 6:23, 8:1-2; Ephesians 2:1-10