2017 Solar Eclipse Monday, August 21 from 11:00-2:00.

It is being called “The Great American Eclipse.”

It will go coast to coast from Oregon to South Carolina. From the
Pacific to the Atlantic ocean.

It will cross fourteen states and Missouri is right in the heart.

It is estimated that some 12.2 million people reside in it’s path and
some 88 million will be able to drive to see it.

It is being described as “Unprecedented” in modern time. For some
viewers it will last as long as 2 minutes and 41.6 seconds. This is
the first of its kind since our country’s independence in 1776.

The moon will pass between the earth and the sun causing the light to
be blocked out. It will be an eclipse of “Totality.” Day will become

Some have been planning for it for years. Most communities in its path
have arranged “Eclipse Events.” Portable toilets are in “Astronomical”
demand. Plans for tourism will boom or bust! Hotels in most of the
prime viewing areas have been sold out. Some people are renting out
rooms in their homes and some who have campers are renting them out.

Recommendations have been made to have plenty of food. To have plenty
of gasoline in your automobiles. If you have an electric car be sure
it is charged for the eclipse may cause a reduction in solar power.

Are You Prepared for this once in a life time event?

A question of far greater importance is, “Are you prepared for the
“JUDGMENT DAY?” 2 Peter 3:7-13

Note for those interested: We will gather at the church building here
in De Soto from 11:00 to 2:00 and have Bible study and fellowship
while we watch for the eclipse. So come and be with us.