Bible Schools were formed to combat ignorance and illiteracy. The
industrial revelation forced many people, including children to work
in factories long and hard days. Often the only day off was Sunday and
they were WELCOMED sources for education.

Sunday School was energetically received. Families were GRATEFUL for
the opportunity to learn. Countless lives were impacted by Bible

The Bible was the text book. People learned about Astronomy, Biology,
Chronology, Divinity, Engineering, Faith, Geography, History,
Integrity, Jehovah God and Jesus, Kinship, Love, Mathematics, Nature,
Origin, Purpose, Quality, Redemption, Stewardship, Truth, Universe,
Virtues, Worship, extraordinary living, “Yonder Over There”, and

YES! People learned about, “Life and godliness” just as 2 Peter 1:3 teaches.

Bible study was WELCOMED and GRATEFULLY received.

People understood that, “Education is the basis for law and order.”
They understood that education must not come from the gutter talk in
the streets. They understood that they needed a source that did not
teach assumptions or speculations. They understood that they needed to
learn from a source that taught a clear reason for living with
conviction to be all that you could be and to be so for the betterment
of one’s self and others. They understood they needed the BIBLE.

Bible schools were formed to EDUCATE. The Bible was chosen as the
textbook to counter the fables, fairytales, and fiction taught by so
many. The Bible was chosen to focus on facts. To focus on real events
and true history. To focus on real life and the struggles of life. To
focus on real People and real Places. To focus on God’s plan of
redemption and the truth about eternal victory.

The Bible continues to be the textbook used in our Bible school. Let’s
all make every effort to be in Bible class so we can learn from God.